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The‘Eco-Lab’ project aims to be a model for eco-friendly laboratories and offices with support from the “Ecole de Kyodai” and “100 people meeting”. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and contributions. If you have any requests to visit or questions, ideas or opinion, please let us know. This time we introduced twenty activities. In the future, we are planning to update and announce about new activities and verification.

* This project and communication activity is supported in part by the Kyoto University President’s FY2016 Discretionary Fund.

(As of the end of March 2017)

Eng_Kyodai Eco Lab














日時:2017年4月中の平日 11:00~17:00
場所:本部構内 工学部・物理校舎 北館7階708・709号室




Ecole de Kyodai, whose mission is to build a sustainable campus, is now having a charity flea market. The sales are contributed to Kumamoto and Niigata, which were hit by big arthquakes. You can have dishes, clothes, furniture, books, and other attractive things at reasonable prices! Don’t miss this good opportunity!

Date and time: 11:00~17:00 every weekday in April, 2017
Site: Room 708 and 709 on the seventh floor of Faculty of Engineering Engineering Science Depts Bldg. (※No.57 in the map)

※Our building is located at No.57 on the campus map.

【新入生×留学生 歓迎イベント】自炊ビギナーを応援!
<<English bellow>>




◆日時:2017 年 4 月6 日(木)17:30 ~
◆場所:本部構内 工学部・物理系校舎 北館7 階706・707 号室(TEL:075-753-5922)
◆連絡先:横山 恵利香(法・4) erica.yokoyama0525@gmail.com
◆集合場所:クスノキ前に17:15 集合!




◆場所:本部構内 工学部・物理系校舎 北館7階
707号室では、新入生に限らず、どなたでも、自由にくつろいで行ってください。窓からは吉田山の麓の桜をお楽しみいただけます。時間によっては、留学生との交流も57番の建物です。西側の正面玄関を入ったら左側へ進み、エレベー あります。お茶とお菓子もご自由に。【無料】


Ecole de Kyodai presents
Exchange Students × Freshman welcome session
【Eco-cooking workshop “Dashi soup”】

1. Purpose of the events
In 2013, UNESCO designated Japanese food as an intangible cultural treasure. Seasonal fresh ingredients, variety of cooking methods, nutritious diet and natural beauty of Japanese dish have been highly appreciated.
In the coming workshop, we would like to explore “Washioku (Japanese food)” together with exchange students in Kyoto University. In the event, we invite Ms. Megumi Hata, a president of the Hata Machiya Housing as a guest. You can learn how to cook “Dashi” soup from Ms. Hata’s professional advice.
Also, this time we will invite the freshmen (both Japanese and international students) who just started living on their own. We would like to support their new life by sharing the simple, but delicious and well-balanced “Dashi” soup recipe.
Finally, one of Japanese traditional dish, Dashi soup has many eco-friendly aspects, too. Even if you are not an exchange student or freshman, but interested in eco-cooking, you are warmly welcomed.

2. Dates
6th April 17:30-20:00
17:15 Meeting at Kusunoki symbol tree→Move to the venue
17:30- Introduction
17:45- Cooking session
18:45- Dinner
19:15- Entertainment
20:00- Closing

3. Venue ★
Faculty of Engineering Engineering Science Depts Bldg. (No.57) 7F

4. Registration
Please contact via e-mail:
Erica Yokoyama (4th grade, Faculty of Law, Kyoto University)
Write your name, faculty, nationality and special needs (diet, allergy etc…)

5. Further Detail
・In the cooking workshop, we won’t use any meats, but fish. If you are a vegetarian, we prepare some other options. Please let us know in advance.
・You can also bring your friends to the event, but please let us know how many will come in advance.

We are very looking forward to seeing you.
【Charity Flee Market for Kumamoto earthquake】
You can enjoy our flee market in the 7th floor of the North Engineering Science building(物理系校舎北棟), room No.707-709 ★, located east of the “clock tower (時計台).”
April 4th and 7th 11:00-18:00
April 6th 11:00-19:30
If the entrance is locked or you cannot find the way, please call 075-753-5922.
〇You can buy designer clothes, shoes, furniture, eating utensils and variety of items at 10-500 yen.
〇There is even a “Take free” booth (at corridor).
〇We also have “Kusu-chan cafe for free chat in room No. 707. Anyone is welcomed. You can enjoy viewing cherry blossom in the Youshidayama Mountain through the window. There are some drinks and snacks prepared, so please help yourself.
〇If you do not need a change, please make a donation. If you need to change money, please tell the staff so.

★Our building is located at No.57 on the campus map.